Cloudbusting – performing the music of Kate Bush

Fri 3rd November, 2017
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm (Doors: 7:30pm)
Cloudbusting - performing the music of Kate Bush
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Pioneering, challenging, unshackled by convention, Kate Bush occupies a genre of her own. ‘Cloudbusting’ have been performing her remarkable music in theatres across the UK to the delight of many thousands of fans who have overwhelmingly embraced the five-piece band’s passion for musical authenticity.

‘The challenge of recreating live on stage the complexity and drama of her studio recordings is an obsession of ours,’ says keyboard player Michael Mayell. ‘Above all, we’re massive fans of what we consider to be the greatest pop music ever written, even if it isn’t the most immediately accessible.

‘It’s brilliant to see that we’re getting a younger and younger audience all the time, alongside die-hard Kate fans. This new wave of audience members are telling us they’ve never heard music like it and are going out and buying up Kate’s whole back catalogue. This makes us very happy!’

‘If you missed Kate’s live shows of 2014, Cloudbusting are the next best thing!’ Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 2.

Mandy Watson as the voice of Kate doesn’t disappoint. Preston Heyman, Kate’s original studio and stage drummer who has performed with Cloudbusting many times, describes Mandy’s vocals as ‘so good I could have been listening to Kate herself!’

The show covers hits and album classics from the whole of Kate’s 40 year career, with a focus on the more unusual tracks fans might never have expected to hear live, against an eye-popping backdrop of 3D-mapped projections and original videography contributed by Kate-insipred artists from around the world.

‘Cloudbusting are absolutely, surreally brilliant!’ Mick Wall, Classic Rock Magazine