Film Night, two films: ‘The End of Meat’ & ’73 Cows’

Thu 23rd May, 2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Doors: 7:30pm)
Film Night, two films: 'The End of Meat' & '73 Cows'

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Two films that go well together about the cultural shift towards plant based foods and away from animal agriculture.

’73 Cows’ first film 15 mins, PG

‘The End of Meat’ main film 96 mins, PG

“It’s come a long way since Morrissey first coined the phrase ‘meat is murder’ a phrase which at the time many people found to be incomprehensible and shocking but now is regarded as a truism to a great extent.

I think the world is finally getting it to – that not only is eating meat and dairy unhealthy and unethical and cruel but more crucially that it is environmentally unsustainable and it’s putting the lives of humans on the line too. There’s nothing like a bit of fear of self preservation to get people to act we are at a Turning Point let’s hope we turn the right way as these films are a powerful message to that effect.

Hopefully we won’t be preaching just to the converted but to those who may change their eating habits as a result of seeing these films…” P. Andrews