Wine Tasting – Spain; More than Rioja

Mon 19th June, 2017
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Doors: 7:15pm)
Wine Tasting - Spain; More than Rioja
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Rioja is so well known that it is almost a brand. But Spain has many wine regions. It is the third largest wine producer in the world, and has more land under vine than either France or Italy. There is much more to Spanish wine than Rioja.

Special to Spain is that there are a lot of well-established family producers. Often they do not have a lot of estate vineyards, but they will have large cellars and all the equipment and facilities to make a lot of quality wine. And most importantly, unlike so many modern businesses, they have accumulated the financial reserves required to mature their best wines for many years before releasing it onto the market. The picture shows the scale in which Spanish wine is matured.

The classifications Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva are used to designate wines that are matured in both barrel and bottle before release. And it is this style of wine that has made Rioja famous. Moreover this classification is not special to Rioja. So the tasting will include at least one mature wine from outside Rioja.

Spain has many wine regions, and many of them can produce world-class wines. Some regions specialise in particular grape varieties. But unlike France, where many regions have a worldwide reputation, the Spanish wine regions are not well known. For wine drinkers this is good news: bargains are easier to find.

The tasting is a good opportunity to extend your knowledge of Spanish wines.

As usual there will be some quality breads and cheeses.