Untamed Burlesque

Sat 10th June, 2023
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm (Doors: 7:30pm)
Untamed Burlesque

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Lady Blue Phoenix (they/them)

Lady Blue Phoenix has been on the scene since 2016 and has been making their name known in the burlesque industry. Winner of 2 awards, one being an international award.

This performer is a Rock with the Foxes troupe member, MILK regular performer and gogo dance, and co-producer with the Afterdark Cabaret and Burlesque Team.

This is one flashbang of a performer with a smile that’ll allure you, a charisma that will mesmerize you, and a force of nature not to be taken lightly. This voluptuous performer is one to keep an eye on as none of their acts are the same, and they all have a message in store for the audience, from natural beauty to standing together against the injustices that are in the world.

Be sure to get your tickets as you won’t want to miss seeing them when they’re in your city.

Betty Boom Boom (she/they)

Betty Boom Boom, is a comedy burlesque performer, who has been performing and helping produce burlesque shows for over 11 years.

They are a founding member of “Take it off Burlesque and Cabaret” based in Plymouth and have performed in the Bristol burlesque festival and in shows all over the South West.

They definitely put the err?! into burlesque with what they do!




Lili Del FFlur (she/her)

Lili Del FFlur is a Welsh beauty coming to Bath. She is an award winning burlesque dancer and for good reason!

Lili Del Fflur has been performing in 2016 and has since been performing across the UK. She creates neo-burlesque with a good dose of cheesecake and comedy which will simply delight you!

Previous performances include: Rock With The Foxes, Cardiff Cabaret Club and Rock N Roll Cabaret Soho.


Ernest (He/Him)

Ernest is your typical posh boy – government job and all. But this one has a secret: he’s got a huge penchant for partying with the queers!

He’s been caught drop splitting, booty popping and cash-money waving all over the UK. Despite being told to stop with all the scandals, he’s back at it, joining us on stage to embrace his earnest self and shake everything daddy gave him!

After all, it’s important to be Ernest.

Previous performances include: Brizzle Boys, Black Excellence and



Violent May (they/them)

They’re back to cause terror and chaos on stage!

Organiser of Untamed Burlesque this performer prefers the quirkier things of the world and the same goes for when they are on stage.

Previous performances include: Flipside Promotions, Plymouth Queer Pride and Frome Comic Convention.





Aneeta Fox (she/her)

A newcomer who is one foxxy lady who is gonna be showing you everything and anything that can go wrong for a burlesque performer in their new and exciting act.

Previous performances include Take It Off Burlesque and Cabaret.



Fantastic Ms Fanny (she/her)

We are so lucky to have Fantastic Ms Fanny once again at Chapel Arts as our compere for the evening!

Voted as one of the sexiest people in Plymouth (for good reason) and all round badass; this gorgeous lady will guide you on a wonderful evening full of wonderful performers as well as make you chuckle! She truly is Fantastic!

Previous performances: Bristol Burlesque Festival, Take It Off Burlesque and Cabaret, and the World Burlesque Games.