Will Lawton and the Alchemists plus support: KODANA

Fri 25th March, 2022
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm (Doors: 7:30pm)
Will Lawton and the Alchemists plus support: KODANA
Cabaret Seated

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Will Lawton and the Alchemists play “beautiful musical daydreams with forays into jazz with drum and bass”. The music is built around the piano-based songwriting and started out as a duo when Will Lawton (piano and vocals) and Weasel Howlett (drums) started to jam, record and perform in 2015 before releasing their debut album ‘Fossils of the Mind’ (2018) to critical acclaim. The band is constantly growing and evolving with Buddy Fonzarelli (upright bass), Ami Kaelyn (guitar and vocals) and Harki Popli (tabla) all involved in the recording and live performance of the second, part-live album ‘Abbey House Session’ (2020).

The music is notoriously hard to pigeon-hole so is best described by those that review them:

“Melodic and inventive…..a truly breath-taking performance” Slap magazine

“There is something of the jazz approach at the core of this bands sound – interesting timings and intricate riffs hung on fluid, free-flowing musical structures – but their richly textured and layered music contains much more besides. Indie melodics, rock weight and progressive meanderings all add poise and power. They could be your best new find of the year…unless you have seen them already, in which case you have already made a note in the diary to be there.” Dancing About Architecture

“The music is a gloriously unique and brilliantly exploratory” Greenman Publications

“Refreshing, fascinating and exciting. Perhaps this is what Tom O’Dell fronting Wilco would sound like if produced by Roni Size? Regardless of how chaotic this sounds, it works. I mean it really works.” The Ocelot Magazine




Support, KODANA