Wine Tasting – Another Eight Smashing Reds

Mon 16th January, 2017
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Doors: 7:15pm)
Wine Tasting - Another Eight Smashing Reds
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The wines are not yet chosen, and the final choice will depend on so many different things that all that can be promised is eight smashing reds featuring different grapes and regions and styles.

Yes, the same theme as the tasting in January for the last 3 years; but the wines will be different. No white wine, just 8 smashing reds. But of course different people like different grapes and styles. So there will be variety. This is a good opportunity to discover which grapes and wine regions produce wines that best suit your palate.

Grape Varieties

Whilst wine rarely tastes like the grape from which it is made, it is the biggest factor determining what it tastes like. But over and above the variety good wine needs good grapes. And the very best grapes come from vines grown in vineyards particularly well suited to that particular variety. So in choosing wines that are good of their type, varieties and regions are closely linked.

Wine Regions

To grow quality grapes requires all sorts of things to be optimum: soil, weather, climate, and much more. In Europe many of the very best places to grow high quality grapes were identified long ago. Sometimes right down to vineyards around which the monks built walls!. In the New World, the best sites are still being identified. And to make it even more interesting some varieties flourish in unexpected places, where they produce delicious but different wines.

As usual there will be some quality breads and cheeses.

Wine Tasting January 2017