Wine Tasting – Grapes That Flourish, Far From Home

Mon 21st October, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Doors: 7:15pm)
Wine Tasting – Grapes That Flourish, Far From Home
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All the grape varieties used to produce wine originated in Europe. The exceptions are deliberate crosses and they are very rare.

However, when a vine is grown in different soil and climate the resulting wine often tastes different. Usually the warmer climate and the winemaking styles and techniques of the New World lead to a more powerful and fruity flavour. In Europe the grapes tend to be grown in a more marginal climate, and at lower altitudes. Now, several decades after the revolution in wine styles pioneered by Australia and California, up-front fruit and silky tannins is the style that many wine lovers find most appealing. And even those, like me, that loves a mature wine with secondary flavours, are regular drinkers of this style of wine.

This tasting is an opportunity to taste some delicious New World wines made from at least 8 different grape varieties that originated in Europe.

As usual there will be some quality breads and cheeses.