Wine Tasting – Portugal: Still Europe’s Secret Wine Region

Mon 20th March, 2017
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Doors: 7:15pm)
Wine Tasting - Portugal: Still Europe’s Secret Wine Region
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Portugal has lots of Indigenous grape varieties, and lots of sun. So if you like good wine at affordable prices, don’t ignore Portugese wines. And if you are at the opposite end of the spectrum, and want red wines that reward cellaring, Portugal should be very high on your list.

Whilst Port is known worldwide the still wines of Portugal are not at all well known. And Madeira, which produces the longest-lived fortified wines in the world, is also unknown to many wine enthusiasts.

Portugal has so many quality grape varieties that are native to the country, that international varieties are little grown. And few of the native grapes are grown elsewhere. So do not expect to recognise many of the grape varieties.

Traditionally, as in most of the old world, each sub region specialises in one, or perhaps a few varieties that are particularly well suited to the local soil and climate. And in the north of Portugal that is still true. However in the more southerly regions there is a lot of innovation. It was triggered by the arrival of David Baverstock, an Australian trained winemaker. The result is lots of young winemakers using blends of traditional varieties, in combination with modern technology to produce wines that appeal to the modern wine drinker.

This tasting is an opportunity to learn more about the grapes and flavours of wine from Portugal, the World’s 3rd largest producer.

As usual there will be some quality breads and cheeses.

Picture shows the mountainous terrain of the Douro Valley.