Wine Tasting – Chile: A Winemakers Paradise

Mon 19th March, 2018
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Doors: 7:15pm)
Wine Tasting – Chile: A Winemakers Paradise

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Wines selected and presented by Phil Cooke

Chile is a winemakers paradise. It is the only wine region that was not affected by Phylloxera, and remains the only place where vines can be grown on their own roots! It’s also very special climatically. It is long and thin with the Andes mountains as one boundary and a cold Pacific Ocean the other. Moreover Chile is located in one of the least polluted parts of the globe, leading to high quality sunlight.

Unlike Argentina, where the whole population have long been wine drinkers, in Chile vineyards tended to be a rich man’ hobby. But that was yesterday. Now, several decades after Chile became an important wine region and exporter, new vineyard areas are still being discovered. And vineyards planted 20 years ago are now on stream with world class wines.

The tasting will show case a range of Chilean wines, that demonstrate the diversity of grape varieties, now on offer.

The wine regions tend to be named after one of the big rivers that are fed by melting snow, high in the Andes.

There will be at least 8 wines on taste, with breads and cheeses.